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Dr. Trina Davis

Dr. Trina Davis has always been an entrepreneur at heart from a very young age. Her first business was selling candy to her peers in Elementary school. She quickly understood the lucrative benefits of supply and demand. People were willing to pay double even triple price for the convenience of having the product delivered to them as a service. Shortly thereafter, she used her gifts and talents of braiding hair to start her own home based hair braiding business. By the age of 16 she was an independent consultant for her very own wholesale Jewelry business, with Traci Lynn Jewelry. She employed her parents who worked for her until she left for college. This business decision helped put her through college.


Dr. Trina has always had a passion for jewelry and all things fashion. After overseeing multiple businesses, in 2007 Dr. Trina became a top seller and Executive Director of the PA Market selling Jewelry in Traci Lynn Jewelry. Also achieving one of the highest positions in

the company, as Diamond Executive Director and running the Pennsylvania Market for nine years. Lastly Drs. Troy and Trina Davis founded their very own Jewelry and Fashion business called Bijou Fine Fashions in 2017.


Bijou’s Vision is to be a household name, that delivers high fashion jewelry and accessories for women and men. Our desire is to provide affordable fashion, that has a look of great value that cost less. We want our fashion items to help enhance the inner beauty that is screaming to be unleashed in every person. We also want to help business women and men create an additional stream of income by joining our team to create legacy wealth. We want to teach you to get your time, family, and money back by being a BFF for all things fashion. Ultimately we believe that Bijou will help you BYou!!!!

Our Vision

Bijou means something delicate, elegant, or highly prized. So it is only right, that our company is a Fashion hub that specializes in Jewelry and all things Fashion. Bijou has a boutique located in Upper Darby, PA. The company sells all things fashion in the boutique and on the website, but also has a direct selling component of jewelry sales for independent Consultants. Bijou was founded in 2017 by Dr. Trina Davis along with her husband, Dr. Troy Davis. 

Our Story


Shopping at Upper Darby location is available by appointment only.

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